Welcome to Warwickshire Repeater Group...


One of the main factors in setting up a good repeater is coverage. For good coverage you require a good radio site,  A site that is both high and that is not polluted with high levels of RF. Then you need to be able to put up antennas and keep all of the equipment dry and safe.

We are very lucky to have a site that meets all of these requirements and more.

But there is one big problem with this, the COST.

Just to stay on the site we face bills of £250 to £300 per year. Originally the rates were set at £1,500pa, this was reduced to the current figure by diligent work by one of the closedown operators. This is without the replacement of equipment and antennas.

So you can see its not cheap to run a repeater.

If you have any fundraising ideas or wish to make a donation, please contact us. Thank You